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Will I have access to the building outside of regular work hours?

Yes! Members have 24/7 access.

Is the building secured?

Yes! We have 6 security cameras recording 24/7 to the cloud and the building is locked outside of regular work hours

Can I setup my own private network?

Yes! If you are utilizing our private office option, we can setup a priviate WiFi network that is connected to each ethernet port in your office to create a single, secure priviate network just for you. 

Will all of my devices be compatible with your network?

No. Your devices must be WPA Enterprise Security compatible. This means that some roku sticks, fire sticks and other, older devices may not work. We take security seriously, sadly more seriously than those device manufacturers take it.

Can I brand my private office with my logo?

Yes! Included as part of your private office lease agreement, we will have your logo printed in gray vinyl and fixed to your glass door.

Can I get office furniture with my suite?

Yes! We offer sit/stand desks for $50/mo, Office Chairs for $25/mo and file cabinets for $25/mo that can be included in your lease.

Can I frost my door for privacy?

Yes! We have several tenants that prefer the privacy of a frosted glass door. There is an additional one-time charge of $50 to have your door frosted.

Do you provide printers?

Yes. We have a full color Brother laser printer on each floor of the building. Every Co:Create member can print to either printer. We just ask that you not backup your entire gmail account on paper :)

How fast is the internet service?

Smoking fast! We have a high speed, asycronous fiber line with CIRBN. With Cybernautic as our anchor tenant, high speed internet is mission-critical. So it's fast...like really fast!

Do you provide a guest WiFi network for my customers to use?

Yes! In addition to standard ethernet ports in every private office and a custom wifi network (by request only) we also offer a guest WiFi network that your guests may use. We typically include the password for all guest networks on the glass dry erase boards in each meeting room.

Can I book meeting rooms from my phone?

Yes! Each room of our six meeting rooms has it's own online calendar. Once you have viewed your desired meeting room's calendar and confirmed availability, simply invite that room to your meeting! If it's available the room will accept your invitation automatically and book that date/time for you. If it's not available, you will get a rejection notice so you can try another meeting room. If your meeting gets cancelled, simply remove the meeting from your calendar and the room will automatically remove your booking to free it up for others to use.

Can I airplay to a TV in a meeting room?

Yes! Every TV at Co:Create has an AppleTV attached to it. All you need to do is turn on the TV, and from your Mac, select airplay and find the name of the room you're in to begin streaming to the TV. If you are not an Apple user, we provide HDMI cables with every TV that you can plug into.

Can I hold a video conference in a meeting room?

Yes! There are two ways to do this. MOST of our meeting rooms are equipped with a Mac Mini and video conferencing equipment. We would be glad to setup a user account on any of the Mac Mini's just for you so that when you login, you may download your video conferenceing software of choice and see your contacts. As soon as you log out of your account on the Mac Mini, no one else will be able to see your contacts. It's simple and secure! You may also bring your own gear. By simply plugging any computer into one of the meeting room TV HDMI ports and selecting that port on the TV, you'll be Zooming, Skyping, or Teams-ing in no time!

Do you provide trash service?

Yes! Trash is removed from all common areas trash cans every Thursday night. But if you have trash in your private office, you may take it out to the dumpster on the north side of the parking lot at any time. Dumpster pick days can vary but are usually on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Do you provide cleaning services?

Yes! But, additional charges apply. We clean all Co:Create shared spaces on Thursday evenings. Anyone who opts in for cleaning service will have their office cleaned on Thursday evening as well. Ask us for more details, and we'll have our cleaning service provide an estimate.

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